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Officer Friendly takes on Scary Police

The city of Hometown needs a HERO… and that HERO is Officer Friendly!

The Officer Friendly book series is a dynamic series for children that will take on important challenges such as Fear of Police, Gun Safety, Stranger Danger, Bullying, Home Alone, Drug Awareness, Peer Pressure, Police Careers, Leadership, and Team Work, among others. 

Join Officer Friendly as he takes on SCARY POLICE, and gives the reader a vivid look into his childhood as he bridges the gap between law enforcement and children from ALL backgrounds! The first book in the Officer Friendly Book Series takes an exclusive look into "Scary Police" as a practical way to address the fear of police and improve the relationship between children and law enforcement! 


Get To Know The Author

Jeremy Lahar, CEO, Speaker, Mentor, and now Author, believes that it is essential that children understand that police officers are here to help them from an early age. He energetically supports childhood literacy and encourages imaginative thinking.

He views The Officer Friendly book series as an instrument to educate children about various safety topics as well as a way to repair and rebuild the relationship between law enforcement and youth around the country. 

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Get To Know The Illustrator

BZAR is a mixed media visual artist based in Houston, TX. BZAR creates animated imagery and conceptualizes ideas surrounding an un-capped theme of free flow and self-acceptance. The construction of black balloons into different objects are ideas pulled from personal experiences and life challenges (live full). Influences from pop art and social messages can be seen in the linework sketches as well as the recurring underlying theme of positive outlook and daily puzzles. 

For art inquires and to see more of BZAR's work, visit:

Book Testimonials


Brian Wyman, Poice Officer

They love it! We have read it 15 times since we received our copy yesterday!


Ms. Sharon Johnson, 2nd Grade Teacher

This book is excellent in the classroom! It encourages classroom participation while teaching kids about safety!


Jason Rosemon, Police Lieutenant

This book is amazing! A must buy for kids from all backgrounds!

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