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Public Speaking Background

Jeremy Lahar possesses an extensive background in communications and public speaking. He received his Bachelors of Mass Communications from Morningside College, Masters of Communications from Walden University and is currently working towards attaining his Ph.D. in Communications from Liberty University. Jeremy believes that effective communication is paramount when it comes to law enforcement. Jeremy can regularly be heard, stating, “I believe that policing is 90% communication and building relationships in the community and 10% law enforcement”.

He believes that when speaking with citizens or conducting a public speaking engagement, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” that will ultimately determine if the message is received and how it is perceived. When leading a public speaking commitment, Jeremy prides himself on his innate ability to connect, engage, and control a room while effectively communicating with crowds of people ranging from 20-2000, and 3-83 years of age. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the Houston Police Department’s Public Affairs-Community Outreach Unit selected Jeremy to be featured as one of their public speakers at over 100 different engagements. During these speaking engagements, topics such as personal safety, identity theft, senior citizen safety, police-citizen interaction, and child safety were covered. Additionally, during his time in Public Affairs, Jeremy was the visionary for several HPD Public Affairs projects and events such as The Badges and Bears Project, The Senior Citizen Interaction Program, The Triple C Podcast (Cops Communicating with the Community), and a series of public-safety educational video segments entitled, “Feet On The Street,” created to spotlight a more light-hearted and humanistic side of law enforcement.

If you or your company are interested in booking Jeremy Lahar for your upcoming speaking engagement, please get in touch with Alana J. Phillips via email at for details. Also, for more pictures and videos of Jeremy Lahar speaking at various speaking engagements, please visit his social media page @mr_officer713 via Instagram.

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