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Jeremy Lahar, CEO, Speaker, Mentor, Sergeant and now Author is the husband to his beautiful wife Ceon Lahar and the proud father of his three amazing children Kari, Alaina and Kingston. Jeremy has an innate skill for helping others, connecting, and providing alternatives for at-risk youth. Jeremy is a native Houstonian and graduate of Morningside College where received his Bachelors of Communications and later attended Walden University receiving his Masters in Communications. Demonstrating his passion for serving others, Jeremy joined the Houston Police Department in 2011 and currently works as a Sergeant in the Office of Community Affairs. His mission has been not only to keep our streets safe but also to build strong connections and relationships within the community he serves. Jeremy can regularly be heard stating, “I believe that policing is 90% communication and building relationships in the community and 10% law enforcement”.


It should be no surprise that the Houston Police Department’s Public Affairs-Community Outreach Unit selected Jeremy to be featured as one of their public speakers at over 100 different engagements where topics such as personal safety, identity theft, senior citizen safety, police and citizen interaction, child safety, among others were covered. During his time in Public Affairs as an officer, Jeremy was the visionary for several HPD Public Affairs projects and events including, The Badges and Bears Project, The Senior Citizen Interaction Program, The Triple C Podcast (Cops Communicating with the Community) and a series of public-safety educational video segments entitled, “Feet On The Street,” created to spotlight a more light-hearted and humanistic side of law enforcement.

Continuing his commitment to reaching others, Jeremy founded The Houston Prestige Project, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that focuses on mentorship through engaging, empowering, and developing teen boys ages 10-18 years old into future leaders. His work has allowed him to serve hundreds of low-income disenfranchised teens across the city of Houston through after-school programs, summer programs, and in-school projects. He considers himself a family man and he enjoys all the challenges that can come with parenting.

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