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The Background

Working Towards a Better Tomrrow

Unfortunately, it is too often that our adolescents are expected to grow up to be successful young men while being surrounded by immense opportunities to make decisions that can negatively modify the trajectory of their lives. It is also disheartening to know that while those negative opportunities may be immense, the access and exposure to positive male role models for at-risk youth is scarce or non-existent.

This is a story of circumstances shared by too many and a cycle that must be severed. This is also a story shared by the founder of The Houston Prestige Project, Jeremy Lahar. Jeremy was raised in an “at-risk” neighborhood and was the product of a single parent household. By default he was exposed to various opportunities to make decisions that would have allotted him another statistic of his circumstances. Rather than succumb to the norm of the neighborhood, he used his surroundings as motivation to overcome his shortcomings. He gained his work ethic by watching his mother work two to three jobs at a time via public transportation to provide for him and his sister. He then applied that work ethic towards becoming the first in his family to obtain his Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree and Teaching Certification in Communications.

Along the way he recognized his passion for working with youth as well as public speaking. He now works as a Patrol Sergeant and previously worked for the Houston Police Department’s Public Affairs Community Outreach Unit where he was afforded the opportunity to do what he loves, connect with youth and the community. His passion for mentoring, guiding and helping youth avoid making the same mistakes he did and reach their full potential is what led to the creation of The Houston Prestige Project. Now Jeremy along with his partners Jeffery Thomas and Nelson Solomon work together to fulfill the mission of the organization. 

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